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Queen Mab– Who is she exactly? Shakespeare says that she is the bringer of dreams and sometimes nightmares but she’s so much more than that. Queen Mab started her love affair with Korean drama daydreams in 2008. The defining moment is a mystery to most but it is fair to say that free time and YouTube had something do with it. Bored with the typical western dramas that held more value on curse words, violence and skin than the actual plot, Queen Mab went looking for entertainment that didn’t require almost every family member to leave the room to avoid embarrassment. She was also looking for a challenge. You see, she had this idea in her head that she wanted to learn a new language but she had no idea which one. Korean drama settled that quandary for her. Does she speak Korean? She would insist that her Korean skill ranks right up there with a cave man as far as sentence structure is concerned. Ex: Me meat want give me thank you. It’s atrocious really but it gets the job done. She continues to study in order to improve her Korean speaking abilities. She even went so far as to pack up her little wagon and relocate to the Land of the Morning Calm for two years. Her experience there helped to reinforce a lifelong philosophy that the phrase “I don’t know” should always be followed by “But I can find out”. Living abroad was quite an experience and one that she would recommend to anyone.

Queen Mab does not wish to bore you with her accomplishments, rather, she would simply like for you to enjoy yourself and relax. She is always open to discussion, witty banter and serious (and sometimes not so serious) character analysis. She hopes that this will be a happy place where a drama loving community can come together for fun and laughs. We thank you for stopping by.


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Who is the Hidden One? – He is the man behind the curtain. He is the wizard. He is a tech master extraordinaire with infinite patience for foolish questions and a penchant for Thai food and Shakespeare. You may never see him but he is always here with a helping hand when things get wonky.

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Queen Mab